Géraldine Gauthier

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We previously showed that vinflunine, a microtubule-targeting drug of the Vinca-alkaloid family exerted its anti-angiogenic/anti-migratory activities through an increase in microtubule dynamics and an inhibition of microtubule targeting to adhesion sites. Such effect was associated with a reduction of EB1 comet length at microtubule (+) ends. In this work(More)
Functional changes that occur just before hatching in future fast muscles of the chicken are thought to be influenced by the pattern of innervation. We have compared the neuromuscular junctions of two fast muscles, the posterior latissimus dorsi (PLD) and the pectoralis, which differ in their myosin composition at 18 days in ovo. We have also presented new(More)
Immunocytochemical characteristics of myosin have been demonstrated directly in normal and cross-reinnervated skeletal muscle fibers whose physiological properties have been defined. Fibers belonging to individual motor units were identified by the glycogen-depletion method, which permits correlation of cytochemical and physiological data on the same(More)
The propagation of fractures during the drying of a colloidal silica suspension confined in a vertical microtube is investigated. During the drying process, the particle concentration increases until gel formation. In the gelled region, the tensile stresses increase and lead to the formation of two vertical perpendicular cracks propagating in the drying(More)
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