Géraldine Carlier

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This paper reports on an 18-month-old achondroplastic child with dilated lateral ventricles. Results of a cisternographic investigation were normal. No shunting procedure was carried out, and subsequent clinical progress was satisfactory. Some patho-physiological aspects of achondroplastic dysgenesis are discussed.
Regulation of cell cycle in beta cells is poorly understood, especially in humans. We exploited here the recently described human pancreatic beta cell line EndoC-βH2 to set up experimental systems for cell cycle studies. We derived 2 populations from EndoC-βH2 cells that stably harbor the 2 genes encoding the Fucci fluorescent indicators of cell cycle,(More)
Liz... Josiane, a 9 year old girl, was admitted with a 24 hours history of severe headache and vomiting. On admission she was conscious, irritable and complained of a severe headache. Clinical examination revealed a right hemiparesis with cyanosis of the lips and extremities and clubbing of the fingers, all consistent with chronic hypoxia. Cardiovascular(More)