Gérald Duffing

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This paper addresses the issue of retrieving images based on visual content, according a particular attention to the semantic dimension of information retrieval. A brief review of existing Image Retrieval Systems is provided, hilighting a major drawback of these prototypes, namely the lack of integration between classical \semantic search", and visual(More)
The Convergence process in which European Union (EU) universities are at present involved supposes that these institutions not only have to re-structure their degree programmes, but also their teaching and learning methodologies. We study the impact of this EU process on Database teaching, comparing the practices of three different European universities and(More)
Human beings are seen as a problem solver, and the process follows the simple input-process-output. Thus having identified a decisional problem (input), will apply some rules of inference and problem solving techniques based on experience and cognitive abilities (processing) to deduce or arrive at some conclusion (output). Information is frequently defined(More)
This paper addresses the issue of e cient retrieval from image corpora in which only a little proportion is thematically indexed. We propose a hybrid approach integrating thematic querying/search with content-based retrieval. We show how a preliminary double clustering of image corpus exploited by an adapted retrieval process constitutes an answer to the(More)
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