Gáspár Bánfalvi

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Members of the FMRFamide-related peptide (FaRP) family are neurotransmitters, hormone-like substances and tumor suppressor peptides. In mammals, FaRPs are considered as anti-opiate peptides due to their ability to inhibit opioid signaling. Some FaRPs are asserted to attenuate opiate tolerance. A recently developed chimeric FaRP (Met-enkephalin-FMRFa) mimics(More)
The anatomical and functional relationship between neurons expressing nitric oxide (NO) synthase and molluscan cardioexcitatory (FMRFamide)-like neuropeptides was studied in the central ganglia of Helix lucorum (Pulmonata, Gastropoda), applying NADPHdiaphorase (NADPHd) histochemistry to visualize NO synthase and immunocytochemistry to demonstrate FMRFamide(More)
Consistent high-quality of papers published in ''Toxicology in Vitro'' can only be maintained with the cooperation and dedication of a number of expert referees. The Editors would like to thank all those who have donated the hours necessary to review, evaluate and comment on manuscripts; their conscientious efforts have enabled the journal to maintain its(More)
To visualize characteristic chromatin distortions we have distinguished first among regularly occurring intermediates of chromatin structures in mammalian (Indian muntjac, CHO, murine preB, rat liver, rat myeloid leukemia, K562 human erythroid leukemia) and Drosophila nuclei. Fluorescence microscopy of chromatin structures isolated from nuclei of reversibly(More)
Digital image analysis of high time resolution video microscopy was used to investigate hyphal growth dynamics in different Candida albicans strains. The effects of the quorum sensing molecules tyrosol and farnesol, the deletion of the fungus specific protein phosphatase Z1 CaPPZ1), and the hypha-specific cyclin (HGC1) genes were analyzed by this method.(More)
Parathymic lymph nodes as potential sites of tumor progression have been neglected in humans. We have established a rat renal capsule–parathymic lymph node model to study in vivo metastasis. Epithelial liver carcinoma (HeDe) and mesenchymal mesoblastic nephroma (NeDe) cell lines have been established after inducing chemical carcinogenesis in newborn Fisher(More)
The ancient view regarding breast cancer as a metastasis has not been supported so far by experimental evidence. We have implanted nephroblastoma tumor cells resulting in a rat metastatic kidney capsule–parathymic lymph node (PTN) model. India ink implantation confirmed the lymphatic connection between the primary tumor of the kidney and PTNs. 18F-FDG(More)
In concert with the increased understanding that there are many ways for cells to die, several methods have been developed to detect cell death. The classification of cell death posed some difficulties that were overcome by implementing strict selection criteria that should also apply to the detection methods. The selection of assays is based on(More)
It was tested as to why low-dose methotrexate (MTX) effective against rheumatoid arthritis poses considerable health risk at higher doses. The tumorigenic potential of My1/De blast cells was followed by cytology and by the kinetics of 18FDG uptake. The toxicity of MTX on chromatin condensation was compared to predictive normal intermediates of chromosome(More)
Electron microscopy was used to test whether or not (a) in statu nascendi synthesized, and in situ measured, nanoparticle size does not differ significantly from the size of nanoparticles after their purification; and (b) the generation of selenium is detrimental to the bacterial strains that produce them. Elemental nano-sized selenium produced by probiotic(More)