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Forty-seven patients presenting with acute chest pain had in vivo platelet activity assessed by measuring plasma levels of the platelet-specific protein beta thromboglobulin (BTG), and by screening for the presence of circulating platelet aggregates. Nineteen patients with transmural myocardial infarction (MI), 21 patients with acute coronary ischaemia(More)
This study aimed to evaluate transoral laser resection as a method of choice for conservation surgery for supraglottic laryngeal carcinoma in carefully selected patients. Between 1987 and 2006, 55 patients with early supraglottic carcinoma were selected for transoral laser surgery. The outcome of the endoscopic CO2 laser resection and larynx-sparing(More)
Cyanoformyl chloride and cyanoformyl bromide, XC(O)CN (X = Cl and Br), have been investigated in the gas phase by UV photoelectron and mid-infrared spectroscopies. The ground-state geometries of the neutral molecules have been obtained from quantum-chemical calculations at the B3LYP and CCSD(T) levels using the aug-cc-pVTZ basis set. The individual(More)
OBJECTIVES Cochlear implantation (CI) is a revolutionary method for hearing rehabilitation in patients with severe or profound sensorineural hearing loss. One of the surgical complications may be the necrosis of the skin flap above the receiver-stimulator coil, resulting in device extrusion. Our aim was to find the plausible causes of the silicone covered(More)
PURPOSE The widely used external approach (Weber-Fergusson incision) for the removal of maxillary ethmoid tumors leaves stigmatizing scars and deformities on the patient's face. As an alternative technique, the scarless facial degloving approach was first described in the 1970s; since then, several modifications have been developed. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Nasal deformity associated with cleft lip and palate is a highly challenging reconstructive problem in rhinoplasty. In the literature, several operative solutions and evaluation methods have been described, however these do not offer a standard procedure for the surgeon. Our aim was to standardize our surgical technique-as much as the uniqueness(More)
Defects of the skin and underlying soft tissue of the neck are uncommon, and the surgeon's main objective is to achieve reliable long-term coverage of the exposed vital organs with well-vascularised tissue harvested from a distant donor site. We present a patient whose extended irradiation site together with the previous unsuccessful attempt to cover it(More)
The upper level of the manipulation system, the global planner generates the motion of the object. The lower level, the local planner deals with the motion of the agents relative to the object and the design of the contact forces. The local planner is based on simulated annealing, thus the the local minima can be avoided in the energy function of the motion(More)