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Graphene covered metal nanoparticles constitute a novel type of hybrid material, which provides a unique platform to study plasmonic effects, surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), and metal-graphene interactions at the nanoscale. Such a hybrid material is fabricated by transferring graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition onto closely spaced gold(More)
In this study, a magnetic sensor utilizing Planar Hall Resistance (PHR) and cyclic Voltammetry (CV) for detecting the radiation effect was fabricated. Specifically, we applied in parallel a PHR sensor and CV device to monitor the irradiation effect on DNA and protein respectively. Through parallel measurements, we demonstrated that the PHR sensor and CV are(More)
Domain-wall ~DW! coercive field, HCW , which characterizes pinning of DW’s in soft magnetic materials, decreases strongly with increasing value of gradient, G, of the effective local DW-position-restoring magnetic field. Particular shapes of the dependence, HCW(G), can be calculated from the mean energy dissipation of the DW moving over the particular(More)
Markers for imaging are vital parts of surgical processes. Since radioactive compound pose considerable risk to both the recipient and the surgical staff, alternative marking techniques are of interest. In NANOMAGDYE project, magnetooptically active nano-particles were created for this reason. The detection of the magnetic interaction of low mass(More)
An array of 42 μm square, 3 μm thick garnet particles has been studied. The strong crystalline uniaxial anisotropy of these particles results in the stable remanent state being single domain with magnetization parallel to the film normal. Magnetooptic measurements of individual particles provide distribution statistics for the easy-axis switching field Hsw,(More)
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