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Although the first digital archives storing a huge number of resources came into existence years ago, they still lack effective retrieval methods. The most obvious example is the World Wide Web: search engines are improved constantly, however, their hits are still unsatisfactory apart from simplest queries. Most prosperous solutions employ user contexts to(More)
Databases with both object-oriented and deductive features (DOOD) seem to be the most promising database technology. There are successful approaches to designing such systems. However, the resulting systems, in our opinion, still lack several important properties of fullfeatured DOOD’s. Realizing that some practical problems cannot be tackled with the(More)
The problem of integrating independent data banks is manifold. One of the arising issues is that data models of the same or related subjects vary among implementations. Therefore, identification of analogous, (fundamentally) identical or just similar concepts is a must. In this paper we deal with this problem. Based on preliminary descriptions of concepts,(More)
Safety has become a fundamental requirement in all aspects of computer systems. Objectoriented calculi, such as Castagna’s λ&-calculus and its variants (Castagna, 1997) ensure type safety in environments based on the distinguished object-oriented paradigm. Although for safety reasons object invariance and operation specifications are getting widely employed(More)
Current research activities in the computer science area focus on integration of systems with diverse purposes and architecture. They include the usage of mobile devices just like any immobile computer and the efficient, combined presentation and utilisation of contents from multiple providers together on the web. Even though these two tasks are naturally(More)
The integration of huge, disparate information sources has been an outstanding issue for more than a decade. Having realized that the dissimilarity of sources even with the same or related subject is manifold and difficult to tackle, constructing mediators and wrappers has become the common practice. Although under certain circumstances this approach(More)
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