Gábor Magyar

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This paper presents a hybrid of genetic algorithm (GA) and local search operators for solving the three-matching problem (3MP). Several general / heuristic crossover and local hill-climbing operators are introduced. The adaptive process based on the observation of on-line performance of GA is used to select the feasible operators. In particular, the(More)
We measured the insertion and extraction torque forces in a randomised study of 76 external fixation screws in 19 patients treated by hemicallotasis for osteoarthritis of the medial side of the knee. The patients were randomised to have either standard tapered screws (Orthofix 6/5 mm) or the same screws with hydroxyapatite (HA) coating. One patient had two(More)
In our ongoing research and development project, called " In the Web of Words " (WoW), funded by the National R+D Program in Hungary, we aim to create a complex search interface that incorporates— beside the usual keyword-based search functionality—(1) deep web search, (2) Hungarian natural language question processing, (3) image search support by visual(More)
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