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The kinetics of the transferrin-reticulocyte interaction was studied using free and colloidal gold-conjugated double labelled transferrin (Tf and AuTf, respectively). Simultaneous biochemical and morphological experiments provided the following information: 1. The cellular recycling of Tf is significantly faster than that of AuTf. 2. AuTf induces a marked(More)
Comparison of thin sections and freeze fracture replicas of red cells and red cell precursors from the peripheral blood of a patient suffering from congenital inclusion body anaemia provided new morphological information on Heinz body substructure, Heinz body-membrane attachment, intracellular membrane formation, as well as on membrane fusion and(More)
1. Structural features were compared in sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase enzymes from carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) and rabbit muscles. 2. Both membrane preparations contained the 105,000 mol. wt Ca2+ pump protein in high local density. 3. The tryptic cleavage of the carp enzyme gave different peptide fragments from those observed from rabbit enzyme. 4.(More)
The ultrastructural study of the interaction between stroma and haemopoiesis is not an easy task because the loose attachment may be damaged during manipulation. This paper describes a technique by which the loose connection between preestablished stromal layer and attached haemopoietic cells (derived from blast colony forming cells) can be preserved and(More)
The fine structure of the human round window membrane has been investigated. It was found to consist of three layers: the tympanic cavity layer, the middle connective tissue layer, and the scala tympani layer. The middle connective tissue layer is considered the most important part of the round window membrane as it permits the movements of the inner ear(More)