Gábor Kusper

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— The current trends in software engineering aim at narrowing the semantic and syntactic gap between the representation formalism of humans and of computers. This paper gives an overview on the application of natural language interface in software engineering applications and describes the structure of a NLI-based UML model developer module. An extended UML(More)
We report a polynomial time SAT problem instance, the Blocked SAT problem. A blocked clause set, an instance of the Blocked SAT problem, contains only blocked clauses. A close is blocked (for resolution) if it has a literal on which no resolution is possible in the clause set. We know from work of O. Kullmann that a blocked clause can be added or deleted(More)
—In this paper we solve a problem which was unsolved until now. The problem is: How to generate weakly nondecisive SAT instances? As a solution we introduce a very simple algorithm, called í µí±Š í µí±›í µí°·í µí°ºí µí±’í µí±›, which generates weakly nondecisive clause sets. Its input is a clause and a number, its output is a clause set. í µí±Š í µí±›í(More)
— The paper discusses the classical Shepard and Kriging interpolation methods and provides an extension for the category-valued functions. A special weighted combination operator is proposed which can be used in the adapted Shepard interpolation for objects in general metric spaces. This method provides better approximation for the cases where the set of(More)
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