Gábor Hosszú

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The paper presents an overview of the 15 year long development of fetal phonocardiography including the works on the applied signal processing methods for identification of sound components. Based on the improvements achieved on this field, the paper shows that beyond the traditional CTG test the phonocardiography may be successfully applied for long-term(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the capability of fetal phonocardiographic measurements to indicate some congenital heart defects. It deals with the results of investigations carried out during the last four years involving 820 pregnant women. During the investigations fetal cardiac murmurs presenting typical waveforms and incidences of(More)
The two important problems of collaborative intrusion detection are aggregation and correlation of intrusion events. The enormous amount of data generated by detection probes requires significant network and computational capacity to be processed. In this article we show that a distributed hash table based approach can reduce both network and computational(More)
This paper presents a complex heuristic method for the evaluation of fetal heart sounds, applying simultaneously several algorithms, where the autocorrelation technique has been completed with the wavelet transform and the matching pursuit methods. In this way, a more reliable heart rate variability can be achieved and further parameters of the cardiac(More)
There is no effective method to support IP level Internet wide multisource multicast sessions, that can be easily used from almost every ISP There are several protocols implementing the necessary functionality, but the penetration of them is really low recently. The most obvious work all-round is using SSM – Source Specific Multicasting, in which, the IP(More)
The importance of the virtual communities' privacy and security problems comes into prominence by the rapid development of online social networks. This article presents the multiple threats currently plaguing the virtual world, Internet privacy risks, and recommendations and countermeasures to avoid such problems. New generations of users feel comfortable(More)