Gábor Horváth

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The grass shrimp (Palaemonetes vulgaris) orients itself by means of the polarization pattern of the sky visible through Snell's window of the water surface. The celestial polarization pattern viewed from water is distorted and modified because of refraction and repolarization of skylight at the air-water interface. This work provides a quantitative account(More)
One of the biologically most important parameters of the cloudy sky is the proportion P of the celestial polarization pattern available for use in animal navigation. We evaluated this parameter by measuring the polarization patterns of clear and cloudy skies using 180 degrees (full-sky) imaging polarimetry in the red (650 nm), green (550 nm) and blue (450(More)
The paper investigates the problem of minimal representation of Markov arrival processes of order n (MAP(n)). The minimal representation of MAPs is crucial for developing effective fitting methods. It seems that all existing MAP fitting methods are based on the D0, D1 representation which is known to be redundant. We present the minimal number of parameters(More)
With few exceptions insects whose larvae develop in freshwater possess positive polarotaxis, i.e., are attracted to sources of horizontally polarized light, because they detect water by means of the horizontal polarization of light reflected from the water surface. These insects can be deceived by artificial surfaces (e.g. oil lakes, asphalt roads, black(More)
Cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC) neural network is a real alternative to MLP and RBF and has some advantageous features: its training is fast and its architecture is especially suitable for digital hardware implementation. The price of these attractive features is its rather poor capability. CMAC may have significant approximation and(More)
BACKGROUND Growth factors and Herceptin specifically and differentially modulate cell proliferation of tumor cells. However, the mechanism of action on erbB-receptor level is incompletely understood. We evaluated Herceptin's capacity to modulate erbB-receptor activation and interaction on the cell surface level and thereby potentially impair cell(More)
Most inhaled beta(2)-adrenergic agonist and anticholinergic bronchodilators have low lipid solubility because of their transient or permanent positive net charge at physiologic pH. Airway absorption of these cationic drugs is incompletely understood. We examined carrier-mediated mechanisms of cationic drug uptake by human airway epithelia. Airway tissues(More)
Human-made objects (e.g., buildings with glass surfaces) can reflect horizontally polarized light so strongly that they appear to aquatic insects to be bodies of water. Insects that lay eggs in water are especially attracted to such structures because these insects use horizontal polarization of light off bodies of water to find egg-laying sites. Thus,(More)
Ciliated airway epithelial cells are subject to sustained changes in intracellular CO(2)/HCO(3)(-) during exacerbations of airway diseases, but the role of CO(2)/HCO(3)(-)-sensitive soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC) in ciliary beat regulation is unknown. We now show not only sAC expression in human airway epithelia (by RT-PCR, Western blotting, and(More)
The characteristic striped appearance of zebras has provoked much speculation about its function and why the pattern has evolved, but experimental evidence is scarce. Here, we demonstrate that a zebra-striped horse model attracts far fewer horseflies (tabanids) than either homogeneous black, brown, grey or white equivalents. Such biting flies are prevalent(More)