Gábor Halász

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES To analyse the precision of transpulmonary thermodilution from the PiCCO technique (Pulsion Medical System, Munich, Germany) in everyday intensive care practice in order to ascertain the minimum number of measurements necessary for scientific precision. METHODS An observational study in the medical-surgical ICU of a teaching(More)
Subject Though, the site and the vitality of trees have a strong in ̄uence on the pH in wood, the various tree species can be characterized by average pH values. In the heartwood the pH of trees decreases (Sandermann, Rothkamm 1959). The average pH of sap from beech wood is 5.5. The pH values of sapand heartwood were measured to be 5.13 and 5.06(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the growth and physical outcome at 2 years of age for children born after assisted reproductive techniques in the state of Victoria. DESIGN Using a case-matched control study between January 1991 and July 1993, 314 children (196 singletons, 47 sets of twins, 8 sets of triplets) conceived after in vitro fertilization (IVF) and(More)
In the planning phase of pipe systems, the behaviour of pipe systems under irregular operating conditions should be controlled. This checking process can be made with the aid of computer programs. These computer programs have numerical models for each element (pipe, pump, different valves, air vessel, etc.) of the pipe system. Check valves are pipe(More)
Light-induced fluorescence decay was examined during the greening of control and lincomycintreated maize (Zea mays L.) leaves. Assuming that this decay to a first approximation is the result of two parallel first-order reactions, the fluorescence induction curves were linearized on the logarithm plot and the parameters were determined. The variable(More)
A simple and efficient high-performance liquid chromatographic method was developed and validated for the separation and determination of capsaicin and its major dihydro- and homoderivatives in spice paprika products in 20 min with fluorescent and 35 min with mass-spectrometric detection. The separation was performed on reversed-phase chromatographic(More)
In this paper an attempt was made to simulate blood flow in a mobile human arterial network, specifically, in a running human subject. In order to simulate the effect of motion, a previously published immobile 1-D model was modified by including an inertial force term into the momentum equation. To calculate inertial force, gait analysis was performed at(More)