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To address the lack of information on the distribution and habitat use of 0+ juvenile fishes in the Hungarian/Slovak flood plain of the middle Danube River, we undertook the first cross-border ichthyological investigation, examining three levels of ecological perception (hydrosystem, macrohabitat, microhabitat) during August 1992 using ‘Point Abundance(More)
The numbers of perch Perca fluviatilis in the Cikola backwater system of the river Danube were estimated by mark-recapture techniques using multiple fishings. Fish were caught by fyke nets and electrical fishing. The latter method was unselective for sex and the catch data could be used to correct the sex bias in the fyke net catches. A population estimate(More)
The main objective of this paper is to investigate how archaeological fish remains and written historical records can contribute to the reconstruction of long-term developments of fish communities along the Austrian and Hungarian Danube. Although such approaches are sensitive to various factors, the chronological subdivision and relative quantification of(More)
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