Gábor Dávid

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The lens capsule of the eye functions, in part, as a deformable support through which the ciliary body applies tractions that can alter lens curvature and corresponding refractive power during the process of accommodation. Although it has long been recognized that characterization of the mechanical properties of the lens capsule is fundamental to(More)
A variety of screening methodologies is available to identify lead compounds. Screening methods that would permit the direct use of libraries made via the Radiofrequency Encoded Combinatorial chemistry paradigm (each individual small molecule in the library is presented separately on an individual encoded support) have the potential to diminish burdensome(More)
The last decade has witnessed a huge number of innovations and new technologies which have impacted our routines and have simplified our lives. Higher Education is an exception to this scenario and still in its nascent stage when it comes to technology adoption and collaboration. This paper attempts to figure out the reasons and suggest remedial measures.(More)
The authors describe the use of a desk-top computer to analyze processor status. Quality control data (sensitometry, densitometry, thermometry, etc.) are collected conventionally. Analysis of the data is subsequently performed using specially designed software. This computer analysis results in a small savings in time and in greatly improved management and(More)
This paper proposed the exact distribution of centered hat values of the hat matrix of predictors in multiple linear regression analysis. The authors adopted the relationship proposed by Belsey et al. (1980) between the centered hat values and the F-ratio and we showed that the derived density function of the centered hat values followed Beta distribution ((More)
Measurement of neutral pions and direct photons are closely connected experimentally, on the other hand they probe quite different aspects of relativistic heavy ion collisions. In this short review of the π0 results from the PHENIX experiment at RHIC our focus is on the φ -integrated nuclear modification factor, its energy and system size dependence, and(More)
Clustering is an extremely important task in a wide variety of application domains especially in management and social science research. In this paper, an iterative procedure of clustering method based on multivariate outlier detection was proposed by using the famous Mahalanobis distance. At first, Mahalanobis distance should be calculated for the entire(More)