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Previous research has shown that human infants and young children are sensitive to the boundaries of certain social groups, which supports the idea that the capacity to represent social categories constitutes a fundamental characteristic of the human cognitive system. However, the function this capacity serves is still debated. We propose that during social(More)
Task co-representation has been proposed to rely on the motor brain areas' capacity to represent others' action plans similarly to one's own. The joint memory (JM) effect suggests that working in parallel with others influences the depth of incidental encoding: Other-relevant items are better encoded than non-task-relevant items. Using this paradigm, we(More)
The plica synovialis infrapatellaris is occasionally identified arthrographically and can be confused with an intact anterior cruciate ligament. In our series, the plica synovialis infrapatellaris was never found in association with an intact anterior cruciate ligament; proper recognition of this structure is diagnostic of a torn anterior cruciate ligament.(More)
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