Gábor Bognár

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The widely used and highly popular Java programming language is proved to be a great tool for developing platform independent applications. Everyday users mostly encounter them when using portable devices (mobile phones, PDAs, etc). However, the ordinary Java applications are inaccessible for the blind in general. Even the most used screen readers can only(More)
We report the case of a 67-year-old man who was admitted to our department with acute rectal bleeding. The patient had had previous aortoiliac surgery with the utilization of an aortobifemoral vascular prosthesis. Diagnosis of aortoenteric fistula was made between the distal suture line of the right graft leg and the sigmoid colon. This fistula had an(More)
In this study transcriptomic alterations of bacterially induced pattern triggered immunity (PTI) were compared with other types of tobacco-Pseudomonas interactions. In addition, using pharmacological agents we blocked some signal transduction pathways (Ca(2+) influx, kinases, phospholipases, proteasomic protein degradation) to find out how they contribute(More)
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