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Alkane hydrocarbons (propane, isobutane, and n-butane) from liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are present in major quantities throughout Mexico City air because of leakage of the unburned gas from numerous urban sources. These hydrocarbons, together with olefinic minor LPG components, furnish substantial amounts of hydroxyl radical reactivity, a major precursor(More)
Relatively little study has been performed on knowledge management and knowledge transfer in the public sector, and even less in the developing countries. This paper investigates the relationship between organizational elements and the performance of knowledge transfer. Five main independent variables were identi®ed ± organizational culture, organizational(More)
1. Introduction The peer review process has been discussed at length in most of the established texts on the scholarly communication process, such as Ziman (1968), Ravetz (1973) and Meadows (1974). These authors agree that the four main functions of the scholarly literature are dissemination of current knowledge, archiving of the canonical knowledge base,(More)
We have determined the concentrations of carbonyl sulfide (OCS), dimethylsulfide, and carbon disulfide (CS(2)) in the breath of a group of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and one of healthy controls. At the detection sensitivity in these experiments, room air always contained measurable quantities of these three gases. For each subject the inhaled room(More)
A large number of hydrocarbons, halocarbons, and organic nitrates were quantified in whole air samples acquired for the NASA-sponsored GTE missions PEM-Tropics A and B. The samples were collected in electro-polished stainless steel canisters from two aircraft while flying over the Pacific Basin. Two nominally identical multicolumn multidetector gas(More)
In this article we describe a delivery, management and access model for e-prints and open access journal content for UK further and higher education commissioned by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). The target content is (i) e-prints – digital copies of academic research articles published in subscription-based journals that are made available(More)
Recent technical advances allow detection of several hundred volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in human exhaled air, many of which reflect unidentified endogenous pathways. Our group has previously estimated plasma glucose levels in healthy adults during a standard oral glucose tolerance test via exhaled VOC analysis. As a result of the metabolic(More)
s Abstract This paper reviews the available data and models on energy and material flows through the world's 25 largest cities. Throughput is categorized as stored, transformed, or passive for the major flow modes. The aggregate, fuel, food, water, and air cycles are all examined. Emphasis is placed on atmospheric pathways because the data are abundant.(More)