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Mesoamerica has an important role in the expansion of Paleoamericans as the route to South America. In this study, we determined complete mitogenome sequences of 113 unrelated individuals from two indigenous populations of Mesoamerica, Mazahua and Zapotec. All newly sequenced mitogenomes could be classified into haplogroups A2, B2, C1 and D1, but one(More)
BACKGROUND The authors have previously published the complete mitochondrial genome (mitogenome) sequences of two indigenous Mesoamerican populations, Mazahua (n = 25) and Zapotec (n = 88). METHODS This study determined the complete mitogenome sequences of nine unrelated individuals from the indigenous Maya population living in Mexico. RESULTS Their(More)
We investigated the evolutionary conservation of polyglutamine binding protein-1 (PQBP-1) among Vertebrata. PQBP-1s were highly conserved and shared the same domain features including a WW domain, a polar amino acid rich domain (PRD), a nuclear localization signal (NLS), and a C-terminal domain (CTD) among Eutheria, but not always among Vertebrata. PQBP-1s(More)
Due to the difficulties in deep sequencing, high-throughput sequencing of ancient DNA has been limited to exceptionally well-preserved ancient materials. The primary factor is microbial attack popularly observed in the buried materials, and it causes drastic increase in relative ratio of microbial DNA in the extracted DNA. We present a unified strategy in(More)
The New World is the last continent colonized by anatomically modern humans, Homo sapiens. The first migrants entered the New World from Asia through Beringia. It is suggested that there were three streams of Asian gene flow, one major and two additional minor gene flows. The first major migrants took a Pacific coastal route and began spreading to the(More)
It is considered that more than 15 depths of coverage are necessary for next-generation sequencing (NGS) data to obtain reliable complete nucleotide sequences of the mitogenome. However, it is difficult to satisfy this requirement for all nucleotide positions because of problems obtaining a uniform depth of coverage for poorly preserved materials. Thus, we(More)
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