Fuzhou Zhang

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SiO2 hollow spheres and low relative permittivity insulation paper handsheets composed of these SiO2 hollow spheres with different weight percentages were successfully prepared. Low-content SiO2 hollow spheres were uniformly dispersed in the insulation paper handsheets. The relative permittivity of the immersed oil Kraft-SiO2 hollow sphere handsheets(More)
Measurement errors of a capacitive voltage transformer (CVT) are relevant to its equivalent parameters for which its capacitive divider contributes the most. In daily operation, dielectric aging, moisture, dielectric breakdown, etc., it will exert mixing effects on a capacitive divider’s insulation characteristics, leading to fluctuation in equivalent(More)
A nonequilibrium molecular dynamics model of heat flow in one-dimensional lattices is shown to have multiple steady states for any fixed heat field strength f(e) ranging from zero to a certain positive value. We demonstrate that, depending on the initial conditions, there are at least two possibilities for the system's evolution: (i) formation of a stable(More)
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