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BACKGROUND Upwards of 1200 miRNA loci have hitherto been annotated in the human genome. The specific features defining a miRNA precursor and deciding its recognition and subsequent processing are not yet exhaustively described and miRNA loci can thus not be computationally identified with sufficient confidence. RESULTS We rendered pre-miRNA and(More)
Using a functional inequality, the essential spectrum and eigenvalues are estimated for Laplace-type operators on Riemannian vector bundles. Consequently, explicit upper bounds are obtained for the dimension of the corresponding L 2-harmonic sections. In particular, some known results concerning Gromov's theorem and the L 2-Hodge decomposition are(More)
In this paper we study the solution space structure of model RB, a standard prototype of Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSPs) with growing domains. Using rigorous the first and the second moment method, we show that in the solvable phase close to the satisfiability transition, solutions are clustered into exponential number of well-separated clusters,(More)
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