Fuzhong Wang

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According to the recent situation of experiment teaching of single-chip microcomputer, this paper analyzes the necessity of experiment teaching reform. With the purpose of develping the students' practical ability, reform measures are proposed in terms of experimental content, experimental methods, laboratory management and assessment methods. These(More)
In order to adapt to the needs of versatile and innovative talents in the era of knowledge economy, higher education must be reformed and innovated from educational contents, teaching tools and measures, etc. In the course of the modernization of teaching reform and curriculum construction, computer technology, multimedia technology and network technology(More)
For the problem of vertical-moved and discontinuous stator resulting from disturbance, this paper proposes an dual mode composite control structure for permanent magnet linear motor to prevent stepping out. The composite controller is designed containing fuzzy control, neural network control and genetic algorithm. The mechanism of the control and parameter(More)
This paper studies the method of fault diagnosis in HVCB (high voltage circuit breaker), and discusses application of D-S (Dempster-Shafer) evidence theory in the HVCB's faults. D-S evidence theory is discussed the problem of the validity, and out of work in the cases, a theory of evidence and the improved method were provided to resolve the D-S algorithm(More)
Montmorillonite (MMT) was added to silicone rubber (SR) to improve the ablation resistance of the silicone. Following this, different quantities of silicon carbide whiskers (SiCw) were incorporated into the MMT/SR to yield a hybrid, ablative composite. The tensile strength and elongation at break of the composite increased after the addition of MMT. The(More)