Fuzail Ahmad

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— Cloud computing is beginning from the development of parallel computing, distributed computing, shared computing and grid computing. For the sharing resources that contains software, applications, infrastructures and business processes, cloud computing is the main key. Cloud computing has brought new tremendous changes and good opportunities to(More)
The study aimed to explore the effect of elite tennis player body kinematics during preparatory, force generation and follow through phase (between first serve and second serve) at three different time periods i.e. initial, mid and end of the match. Four Indian International male tennis players were selected as subjects for the study. The mean and standard(More)
This paper explores the influence of gait speed on various time-distance parameters. The approach consists of designing an experimental set up to gather running data at fast gait speeds. A total of number of twelve school children having mean and standard deviation (SD) of their age (yrs), body height (cms) and body weight (kgs) as 5.25±0.13, 122.33 ± 7.79(More)
Cyprinus carpio communis Linnaeus, Carassius carassius Linnaeus, Schizothorax curvifrons Heckel and Triplophysa marmorata species of fishes were captured from Anchar Lake and river Jhelum of Kashmir Himalaya for hematological and parasitological analysis. During the investigation haemoflagellates from the genus Babesiosoma and Trypanosoma were recorded in(More)
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