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We present the results of a benchmark study for a convection-driven magnetohydrodynamic dynamo problem in a rotating spherical shell. The solutions are stationary aside from azimuthal drift. One case of non-magnetic convection and two dynamos that differ in the assumptions concerning the inner core are studied. Six groups contributed numerical solutions(More)
The formation of a monocrystalline silicon needle by picosecond optical vortex pulse illumination was demonstrated for the first time in this study. The dynamics of this silicon needle formation was further revealed by employing an ultrahigh-speed camera. The melted silicon was collected through picosecond pulse deposition to the dark core of the optical(More)
We for the first time demonstrated a chiral mono-crystalline cone-shaped silicon structure (chiral Si nano-cone). It was fabricated on a nano-scale by transferring the optical angular momentum of optical vortex to a mono-crystalline Si substrate.
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