Fuyuki Ueda

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In order to simulate congestion of road traffic system, it is indispensable to describe vehicles having their own decision-making capabilities, and to have detailed and exact road condition data on the road system. The road system is composed of such roads as streets, avenues and highways, and their intersections. In this study, we represent it by a network(More)
We present a novel approach used in conjunction with Sugeno and Yasukawa qualitative modeling algorithm. Its main feature is a reduction of the output space before the output data are clustered. The data used in this paper come from nine diesel engine trucks, and for each diesel engine 13 sensor variables are measured. The objective is to develop a fuzzy(More)
The brain dynamically changes its input-output relationship depending on the behavioral state and context in order to optimize information processing. At the molecular level, cholinergic/monoaminergic transmitters have been extensively studied as key players for the state/context-dependent modulation of brain function. In this paper, we review how cortical(More)
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