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The cry2Ab-type gene was cloned from Bacillus thuringiensis and designated as cry2Ab10. The recombinant Cry2Ab10 protein expressed in E. coli cells shows high toxicity against Plutella xylostella. The protein structure was constructed by homology modeling, and the receptor-binding sites were predicted by a molecular docking method.
We conducted a prospective, randomized, and controlled trial to assess the optimal dose for GnRH antagonist, cetrorelix, for Chinese women during the course of ovarian stimulation. The patients were randomly divided into two groups, in which 48 patients were advised to inject 0.25 mg Cetrorelix daily (the 0.25 mg group), while 39 patients were instructed to(More)
The knowledge of the relationship between sequence characteristics of insecticidal crystal proteins (ICP) and their inhibitory against Plutella xylostella provided helpful information for the rational design of ICP with desirable activity against Plutella xylostella. The four key loops of ICP with determined activities against Plutella xylostella were(More)
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