Fuxiang Wang

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The joint diagonalization technique is an important type of method for blind source separation. In this paper, a new approach is presented to joint diagonalization for a set of symmetric matrices with a general (and not necessarily orthogonal) matrix. The approach performs joint diagonalization via a series of symmetric eigen decompositions, including(More)
For pollution research with regard to urban surface runoff, most sampling strategies to date have focused on differences in land usage. With single land-use sampling, total surface runoff pollution effect cannot be evaluated unless every land usage spot is monitored. Through a new sampling strategy known as mixed stormwater sampling for a street community(More)
Recently, attention has been paid to tracking methods using sparse representation. Assuming that the representation residuals follow Gaussian distribution, the multi-object tracking methods based on sparse representation are proposed. However, these methods are sensitive to outliers such as occlusion due to the assumption of Gaussian distribution. In our(More)
Tephritid fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) include serious agricultural insect pests in the world. Besides causing severe damage to fruits and vegetables, this kind of pests could enter countries or regions with international trade easily. Strict trade quarantine measures are imposed in many countries or regions in order to prevent their introduction and(More)
K-Means has been paid attention to many areas recently, however, it is easy to fall into local optimum and the outliers influence the final results. This paper proposes an improved method for k-means clustering. Different from the traditional k-means algorithms, in our algorithm both intracluster compactness and intercluster separation are considered in our(More)
The goal of infrared (IR) and visible image fusion is for the fused image to contain IR object features from the IR image and retain the visual details provided by the visible image. The disadvantage of traditional fusion method based on independent component analysis (ICA) is that the primary feature information that describes the IR objects and the(More)
A novel tracking method is developed based on logistic regression classifier and sparse representation in this paper. Firstly, the logistic regression classifier with online update is utilized to determine the searched image patches belonging to the potential targets or the false targets. Through the classification, a huge number of false targets can be(More)