Fuu-Cheng Jiang

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In the past, people have focused on cluster computing and grid computing. Now, however, this focus has shifted to cloud computing. Irrespective of what techniques are used, there are always storage requirements. The challenge people face in this area is the huge amount of data to be stored, and its complexity. People are now using many cloud applications.(More)
SUMMARY Energy saving is an important issue in wireless sensor networks for majority of sensor nodes equipped with non-rechargeable batteries. To prolong the lifetime of sensor nodes, most research works have focused on how to tune the duty cycling schemes among nodes to save the communication cost using multifarious wake-up strategies. To this aim, we(More)
• This work proposes a novel method for managing green power of a virtual machine cluster in cloud computing environments. • A green power management scheme is proposed to determine how many physical machines should be run or turned off based on the gross occupied resource weight ratio of the virtual machine cluster. • When the gross occupied resource(More)
—A wireless sensor network (WSN) is envisioned as a cluster of tiny power-constrained devices with functions of sensing and communications. Sensors closer to a sink node have a larger forwarding traffic burden and consume more energy than nodes further away from the sink. The whole lifetime of WSN is deteriorated because of such an uneven node power(More)