Futoshi Sugimoto

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Representing emotional expressions in text-to-speech synthesis is an interesting subject. The ultimate purpose of our research is to develop an automatic reading system which reads text aloud such as novels with emotion. Our strategy for constructing the system is that we classify the emotion of a text in perspective based on the distribution of emotional(More)
We investigated sets of conditions with respect to narrower drawing of tree-structured diagrams on an integral lattice. We found that under certain sets of conditions there are practical procedural algorithms for narrower drawing of tree-structured diagrams, while under other sets of conditions there are none. Based on our findings, we presented efficient(More)
Our aim is to synthesize faces based on freely-elicited expressions by expanding the range of words describing the shape of facial elements to include abstract or metaphorical expressions. We realize this by defining the synthesizing process of a human face as a mapping from a word space to a physical model space. The use of whole words existing in the word(More)