Futoshi Sugimoto

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Representing emotional expressions in text-to-speech synthesis is an interesting subject. The ultimate purpose of our research is to develop an automatic reading system which reads text aloud such as novels with emotion. Our strategy for constructing the system is that we classify the emotion of a text in perspective based on the distribution of emotional(More)
Wikipedia’s category graph is a network of 300,000 interconnected category labels, and can be a powerful resource for many classification tasks. However, its size and the lack of order can make it difficult to navigate. In this paper, we present a new algorithm to efficiently exploit this graph and accurately rank classification labels given user-specified(More)
Psychodiagnostic tests are used by hospitals, schools, companies, etc. Their effectiveness has been observed as tests that can reveal the internal and external status of the subject in detail. The data or the results of psychodiagnostic tests are very difficult to interpret by non-professionals. The resulting data is numerous, making it very difficult to(More)
We developed a lips animation system that is simple and suits the characteristics of Japanese. It adopts phoneme context that is usually used in speech synthesis. It only needs a small database that contains tracing data of movement of lips for each phoneme context. Through an experiment using subjects in which the subjects read a word from lips animation,(More)
When \\e drive a car. rve have to do different kinds of works siniultaneously. and thus \ve are apt to make some errors under such simultaneous ivorks. I n recent years. there have been many dri1w-s who use a cellular phone uliile driving 11 car. And there lkippcn some car accidents that are caused by the use of the cellular phone. This kind of accidents(More)