Futoshi Iwama

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A bytecode verifier for the Java virtual machine language (JVML) checks that bytecode does not cause any fatal error before the code is executed. However, the present verifier does not check correctness of the usage of lock primitives. To solve this problem, we extend Stata and Abadi's type system for JVML by augmenting types with information about how each(More)
Igarashi and Kobayashi have proposed a general type system for checking whether resources such as files and memory are accessed in a valid manner. Their type system is, however, for call-by-value λ-calculus with resource primitives, and does not deal with non-functional primitives such as exceptions and pointers. We extend their type system to deal(More)
This paper describes a novel framework for creating a parser to process and analyze texts written in a ``partially structured'' natural language. In many projects, the contents of document artifacts tend to be described as a mixture of formal parts (i.e. the text constructs follow specific conventions) and parts written in arbitrary free text. Formal(More)
Software testing often targets natural language specification documents. Creating test cases depends on engineer skills, then automation of creating test cases from natural language specification is important. Logics retrieval is a required technique to automate creating test cases, because once logics are retrieved we can transform them into decision(More)
We describe a new approach to modeling and analyzing software development documents that are typically written using conventional office applications. Our approach brings automation to content extraction, quality checking and measurement of massive document artifacts that tend to be handled by labor-intensive manual work in industry today. Rather than(More)
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