Futing Xia

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The alkaline hydrolysis reaction of ethylene phosphate (EP) has been investigated using a supermolecule model, in which several explicit water molecules are included. The structures and single-point energies for all of the stationary points are calculated in the gas phase and in solution at the B3LYP/6-31++G(df,p) and MP2/6-311++G(df,2p) levels. The effect(More)
Density functional theory calculations have been used to investigate the intra-molecular attack of 2'-hydroxypropyl-p-nitrophenyl phosphate (HPpNP) and its analogous compound 2-thiouridyl-p-nitrophenyl phosphate (s-2'pNP). Bulk solvent effect has been tested at the geometry optimization level with the polarized continuum model. It is found that the P-path(More)
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