Futian Wang

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On-time completion is one of the most important QoS (Quality of Service) dimensions for business processes running in the cloud. While today’s business systems often need to handle thousands of concurrent user requests, process monitoring is basically conducted in a one by one fashion. It is possible to repeat the strategies for monitoring a single(More)
Link prediction in complex networks is to estimate the likelihood of two nodes to interact with each other in the future. As this problem has applications in a large number of real systems, many link prediction methods have been proposed. However, the validation of these methods is so far mainly conducted in the assumed noise-free networks. Therefore, we(More)
On-time completion is an important temporal QoS (Quality of Service) dimension and one of the fundamental requirements for high-confidence workflow systems. In recent years, a workflow temporal verification framework, which generally consists of temporal constraint setting, temporal checkpoint selection, temporal verification, and temporal violation(More)
Link prediction is a fundamental problem with applications in many fields ranging from biology to computer science. In the literature, most effort has been devoted to estimate the likelihood of the existence of a link between two nodes, based on observed links and nodes' attributes in a network. In this paper, we apply several representative link prediction(More)