Fushen Zhang

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A multiple-objective programming (MOP) model was applied to the feed formulation process with the objectives of minimizing nutrient variance and minimizing ration cost. A MOP model was constructed for a broiler grower ration (3 to 6 wk) and formulated with a Microsoft Excel solver. Twenty-one ingredients with 17 nutrients were included in the formulation.(More)
In the context of an era filled with frequent occurrence of emergencies, it is urgent to carry out effective treatment. The existing studies focus their research on general rule of emergency evolution, ignoring the consideration of concrete composition of scenario, while the formulation of contingency plan based on the real evolution process of the(More)
The simultaneous detoxification processes of transformer oil-contained PCBs and heavy metals in medical waste incinerator (MWI) fly ash were developed under sub- and supercritical water. The addition of MWI fly ash to transformer oil-contained PCBs was found to increase the destruction efficiency of PCBs, at the same time, it facilitated reducing the(More)
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