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Nonvolatile memory devices based on hybrid inorganic/organic nanocomposites have emerged as excellent candidates for promising applications in next-generation electronic and optoelectronic devices. Among the various types of nonvolatile memory devices, organic bistable devices fabricated utilizing hybrid organic/inorganic nanocomposites have currently been(More)
Solution-processable light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) with simple device architecture have become an attractive candidate for application in next generation lighting and flat-panel displays. Herein, single layer LECs employing two cationic Ir(III) complexes showing highly efficient blue-green and yellow electroluminescence with peak current(More)
In this paper, we consider the initial-boundary value problem for nonlinear Kirchhoff-type equation u tt − ϕ(∇u 2 2)Δu − aΔu t = b|u| β −2 u, where a,b > 0 and β > 2 are constants, ϕ is a C 1-function such that ϕ(s) λ 0 > 0 for all s 0. Under suitable conditions on the initial data, we show the existence and uniqueness of global solution by means of the(More)
The electronic and the optoelectronic properties of graphene-based nanocomposites are controllable, making them promising for applications in diverse electronic devices. In this work, tetrapod-shaped zinc oxide (T-ZnO)/reduced graphene oxide (rGO) core/coating nanocomposites were synthesized by using a hydrothermal-assisted self-assemble method, and their(More)
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