Fusatsugu Abe

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Small-angle x-ray scattering measurements using a brilliant x-ray source revealed nanometer sized liquid droplets in a mist formed by ultrasonic atomization. Ultrasonic atomization of ethanol-water mixtures produced a combination of water-rich droplets of micrometer order and ethanol-rich droplets as small as 1 nm, which is 10(-3) times smaller than the(More)
The carbon nanotube (CNT) has been well known as a good field emission material by its superior structure, such as small radius and high aspect ratio. It has also been said that a large sized cathode plate can be easily fabricated at low cost by a CNT paste printing technique. However, the CNT has a cohesive characteristic in its nature and the printed(More)
A search for ultra-high energy gamma-rays emitted by the young, nearby supernova remnant that was discovered recently by the COMPTEL and ROSAT satellites was made using the JANZOS database for the period 1987-1993. A 95% confidence upper limit on the flux above 100 TeV of 3× 10cmsec was obtained. This is an order of magnitude below the expected flux based(More)
The printed carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on the substrate were stood erect by the laser treatment and they worked as emission sites. The emission characteristics was improved drastically by the laser treatment up to the turn-on voltage 2 V//spl mu/m and the current density 4 mA/cm/sup 2/, approximately. A certain level of height of CNT (approximately 3 /spl(More)
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