Fusaomi Nagata

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Resolved acceleration control method or computed torque method is used for nonlinear control of industrial manipulators, which is composed of a model base portion and a servo portion. The servo portion is a close loop with respect to the position and velocity. On the other hand, the model base portion has the inertia term, gravity term and(More)
In this article, a furniture polishing robot, which uses a trajectory generator based on cutter location data, is proposed. The position and orientation of the polishing tool is suitably controlled by referring the output from the trajectory generator. The trajectory generator yields a zigzag path, whirl path or their combinational path according to the(More)
In this paper, a new desktop NC machine tool with compliance controllability is presented for finishing metallic molds with small curved surface. The NC machine tool consists of three single-axis robots with high position resolution. A tool attached to the tip of the z-axis has a small ball-end shape. Also, the control system of the NC machine tool is(More)
A cast metal is generally produced by using a sand mold. A foamed polystyrene mold is used as the master mold for making the corresponding sand mold. Recently, the development of a flexible machining robot for foamed polystyrene materials is expected in the cast metal industries because of the high cost and inefficiency of conventional large-sized CNC(More)