Fusako Shimizu

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In rod photoreceptor cells, Ca2+-bound recoverin associates with disk membranes and inhibits light-dependent phosphorylation of rhodopsin. However, the functional significance of Ca2+-induced membrane association of recoverin has not been fully evaluated. We found that Ca2+-bound recoverin forms a complex with rhodopsin kinase preferentially at the membrane(More)
We constructed recombinant viruses expressing enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) or firefly luciferase from cDNA clones of the canine distemper virus (CDV) (a Japanese field isolate, Yanaka strain). Using these viruses, we examined susceptibilities of different cell lines to CDV infection. The results revealed that the recombinant CDVs can infect a(More)
Rubredoxin was purified from Desulfovibrio vulgaris Miyazaki. It was sequenced and some of its properties determined. Rubredoxin is composed of 52 amino acids. It is highly homologous to that from D. vulgaris Hildenborough. Its N-terminal methionyl residue is partially formylated. The millimolar absorption coefficients of the rubredoxin at 489 nm and 280 nm(More)
Comparative and mutational analysis of promoter regions of rinderpest virus was conducted. Minigenomic RNAs harboring the genomic and antigenomic promoter of the lapinized virulent strain (Lv) or an attenuated vaccine strain (RBOK) were constructed, and the expression of the reporter gene was examined. The activities of the antigenomic promoters of these(More)
We determined the primary structure of follitropin receptor (FSH-R) at its N-terminal extracellular domain, which is the key region of specific hormone binding in avian (quail) species. In this region, quail FSH-R showed about 70% homology with mammalian FSH-Rs at the level of predicted amino acid sequences. The leucine-rich repetitive motif which is(More)
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