Furu Mienis

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Long term records obtained by in situ seabed observatories and repeated CTD casts show the presence of a high energetic environment in and around two cold water coral mound provinces at the SW RT margin and in the Gulf of Cadiz. In both areas cold water corals are present on the mounds, but the areas differ strongly in geological setting, as well as in(More)
The turbulence regime near the crest of a biologically rich seamount of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge southwest of the Azores was registered in high spatial and temporal resolution. Internal tides and their higher harmonics dominate the internal wave motions, producing considerable shear-induced turbulent mixing in layers of 10-50 m thickness. This interior mixing(More)
In 2002 high-resolution sidescan sonar images of a mound area at the SW Rockall Trough Margin were recorded with the TOBI deep towed sidescan sonar. Processed TOBI images with a pixel resolution of 6 metres provide a unique overview of the carbonate mound distribution and related sedimentary features around the mounds. Three morphologically distinct areas(More)
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