Furquan Ali

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The Sanjad-Sakati syndrome (SSS; MIM241410), an autosomal recessive trait characterized by congenital hypoparathyroidism, growth and mental retardation, seizures, and a characteristic physiognomy, was recently linked to chromosome area 1q42-q43. SSS resembles the autosomal recessive form of Kenny-Caffey syndrome (KCS; MIM244460), with similar manifestations(More)
Neutrophil inhibitory factor (NIF), a protein isolated from hookworms of the genus Ancylostoma, inhibits CD11b/18-dependent leucocyte function, binding to the I domain of CD11b. Historically, NIF was serendipitously isolated from whole worm extracts during a search for novel antihaemostatic agents, and little is known of its source or biological(More)
We synthesized 36 chalcone-like (E)-3-(substitutedphenyl)-1-hetrylprop-2-en-1-ones by condensing 2-acetylfuran/2-acetylpyrrole with substituted benzaldehydes under basic conditions. Of the 36 molecules synthesized, 10 are new to the literature. Bio-evaluation studies of these molecules revealed that compounds 5, 9, 15, 25, and 29 were potent NorA efflux(More)
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