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Second-order generalized integrator (SOGI) based phase-locked loops (PLLs) are widely used for grid synchronization in single-phase grid-connected power converters. Previously, the estimated frequency of the PLL stage is fed back to the front-end SOGI block to make SOGI-PLLs frequency-adaptive, which increases the implementation complexity, and makes the(More)
This paper presents a new control strategy for distributed generations (DGs) in a DC microgrid. The proposed technique is derived based on game theory and is independent of the communication network. In the presented paper, the operation of the DC microgrid with non-communication structure is regarded as a non-cooperative game. With reasonable game(More)
To meet the electricity demand for fieldwork applications where the grid is unavailable, a mobile power generation station driven by wind, solar and diesel is presented in this paper. Different from the conventional solutions where the diesel is the sole source, the proposed approach utilizes the wind and solar as the main sources while the diesel is used(More)
In this paper, a new open-loop architecture with good dynamic performance and strong harmonic rejection capability is proposed for single-phase grid synchronization under distorted conditions. Different from previous single-phase grid synchronization algorithms based on the phase-locked loop technique, the proposed method is to estimate the frequency and(More)
This paper presents an effective method, which can address the existing dc-link double-line-frequency voltage ripples in single-phase grid-connected PV inverters, to improve the grid-connected current. The instantaneous power pulsations at grid side cause double-line-frequency fluctuations of the dc-link voltage in single-phase grid-connected PV systems. A(More)
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