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In a deregulated market, wholesale energy costs and distribution investment costs contribute significantly to consumers’ electricity bills. However, in a low carbon electrical power system, the two cost pressure points may not be synchronous in time and space with each other. This paper develops a novel methodology for home area energy management as a key(More)
MapReduce has shown vigorous vitality and penetrated both academia and industry in recent years. MapReduce not only can be used as an ETL tool, it can do even much more. The technique has been applied to SQL summation, OLAP, data mining, machine learning, information retrieval, multimedia data processing, science data processing etc. Basically MapReduce is(More)
The work described in this paper addresses the problems of fault diagnosis in complex multicircuit transmission systems, in particular those arising due to mutual coupling between the two parallel circuits under different fault conditions; the problems are compounded by the fact that this mutual coupling is highly variable in nature. In this respect,(More)
To harness the rich amount of information available on the Web today, many organizations start to aggregate public (and private) data to derive new knowledge bases. A fundamental challenge in constructing an accurate integrated knowledge repository from different data sources is to understand how facts across different sources are related to one another(More)
The rapidly increasing scale of data warehouses is challenging today’s data analytical technologies. A conventional data analytical platform processes data warehouse queries using a star schema — it normalizes the data into a fact table and a number of dimension tables, and during query processing it selectively joins the tables according to users’ demands.(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the risk factors associated with death in pregnant women with severe pandemic H1N1 infection. DESIGN Case-control study. SETTING Anhui, China. PARTICIPANTS A total of 46 pregnant women with severe pandemic H1N1 infection were studied during June 2009-April 2011. PRIMARY AND SECONDARY OUTCOME MEASURES All the cases were(More)