Furong Li

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With global warming forecast to continue into the foreseeable future, heat waves are very likely to increase in both frequency and intensity. In urban regions, these future heat waves will be exacerbated by the urban heat island effect, and will have the potential to negatively influence the health and welfare of urban residents. In order to investigate the(More)
The work described in this paper addresses the problems of fault diagnosis in complex multicircuit transmission systems, in particular those arising due to mutual coupling between the two parallel circuits under different fault conditions; the problems are compounded by the fact that this mutual coupling is highly variable in nature. In this respect,(More)
Fe(3)O(4) particles are currently used as the core of immunomagnetic microspheres in the immunomagnetic enrichment assay of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). It is difficult to further improve the sensitivity of CTC detection or to improve tumor cell-type identification and characterization. In the present study, we prepared immunomagnetic nanoparticles with(More)
The rapid growth of information sources on the Web has intensified the problem of data quality. In particular, the same real world entity may be described by different sources in various ways with overlapping information, and possibly conflicting or even erroneous values. In order to obtain a more complete and accurate picture for a real world entity, we(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can be successfully induced to differentiate into insulin-producing cells (IPCs) by a variety of small molecules and cytokines in vitro. However, problems remain, such as low transdifferentiation efficiency and poor maturity of trans-differentiated cells. The damaged pancreatic cells secreted a large amount of soluble proteins,(More)
The rapidly increasing scale of data warehouses is challenging today’s data analytical technologies. A conventional data analytical platform processes data warehouse queries using a star schema — it normalizes the data into a fact table and a number of dimension tables, and during query processing it selectively joins the tables according to users’ demands.(More)
Islet transplantation has considerable potential as a cure for diabetes. However, the difficulties that arise from inflammation and the immunological rejection of transplants must be addressed for islet transplantation to be successful. Alpha 1-antitrypsin (AAT) inhibits the damage on β cells caused by inflammatory reactions and promotes β-cell survival and(More)