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Exploration is defined as the selection of target points that yield the biggest contribution to a specific gain function at an initially unknown environment. Exploration for autonomous mobile robots is closely related to mapping, navigation, localization and obstacle avoidance. In this study an autonomous frontier-based exploration strategy is implemented.(More)
This paper describes the improvements on robots, their operation and strategies developed by Team Yıldız. Since our last appearance in RoboCup Open in Germany, our team concentrated on full autonomy. As a result of experiences gained during the competition in 2015, the team especially worked on efficient navigation, mapping and victim detection strategies(More)
In the scope of the study, it was aimed to discover a closed multi-storey environment with autonomous air robots and produce a three dimensional map. In order to reduce the complexity of the three-dimensional exploration algorithm, we have developed Target Elimination Method that can calculate the result by narrowing the problem space. The Target(More)
Trajectory estimation is important for mobile robots as it can be used in path extraction, distance to target estimation, obstacle avoidance and autonomous control. This work mainly focuses on trajectory and pose estimation based on range and inertia sensors without the need of wheel odometry. Mainly two different approaches are implemented for trajectory(More)
Correction of Turkish characters in a text, which written without using Turkish characters, takes quite time if done manually due to various constraints (keyboard keypad, editor restriction). In addition, it can be overlooked some words in many cases. Especially if the case is also a word of Turkish characterless (kir/kır) makes sense, it is quite(More)
3 dimensional RGB map extraction with use of registered RGB and depth data from Kinect has been widely implemented. This wide usage mostly comes from the fact that intrinsic and extrinsic parameters for both RGB and the infrared cameras are known out of the shelf. This study mostly focuses on 3 dimensional thermal mapping with RGBD-SLAM (RGBD Simultaneous(More)
RoboCup competitions are among the most prestigious robotics organizations in the world. Contestants compete in different categories with the robots they develop step by step to achieve the objectives of the organization for 2050. One of these categories is designed for search and rescue robots. Robots get points from the following criteria: identifying the(More)
RoboCup is the most prestigious robotics contest in the world, with increasing popularity among robot communities and new contests. In this study, design and implementation of a line follower robot for outdoor categories which have been recently added to RoboCup Search and Rescue League is emphasized. In this category, a 100m long colored rope is placed in(More)