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Efficient organic light-emitting diodes have been developed using emitters containing rare metals, such as platinum and iridium complexes. However, there is an urgent need to develop emitters composed of more abundant materials. Here we show a thermally activated delayed fluorescence material for organic light-emitting diodes, which realizes both(More)
Dimers of partially oxygen-bridged triarylamines were designed and synthesized as hole-transporting materials. X-ray structural analyses revealed that these compounds form on-top π-stacking aggregates in the crystalline state. TRMC measurements showed that high levels of anisotropic charge transport were induced in the direction of the π-stacking.(More)
The accurate (1)H positions of alanine tripeptide, A(3), with anti-parallel and parallel β-sheet structures could be determined by highly resolved (1)H DQMAS solid-state NMR spectra and (1)H chemical shift calculation with gauge-including projector augmented wave calculations.
Alanine oligomers provide a key structure for silk fibers from spider and wild silkworms.We report on structural analysis of L-alanyl-L-alanyl-L-alanyl-L-alanine (Ala)4 with anti-parallel (AP) β-structures using X-ray and solid-state NMR. All of the Ala residues in the (Ala)4 are in equivalent positions, whereas for alanine trimer (Ala)3 there are two(More)
Samia cynthia ricini is one of the wild silkworms and its silk fibroin (SF) consists of alternatively repeating poly-l-alanine (PLA) sequences as crystalline domain and glycine-rich sequences as noncrystalline domain; the structure is similar to those of spider silk and other wild silkworm silks. In this paper, we proposed a new staggered model for the(More)
A profusion of phospholes: Diacenaphtho[1,2-b:1',2'-d]phospholes, a new class of arene-fused phosphole π-systems, were synthesized and their structural and electrochemical properties studied. The P-sulfide derivative has a high electron-transporting ability (μ(E) =2.4×10(-3) cm(2) V(-1) s(-1)) in a vacuum-deposited film.
Hopping-type charge transport in an amorphous thin layer composed of organic molecules is simulated by the combined use of molecular dynamics, quantum chemical, and Monte Carlo calculations. By explicitly considering the molecular structure and the disordered intermolecular packing, we reasonably reproduce the experimental hole and electron mobilities and(More)
Aluminum-nitrogen six-fold octahedral coordination, [AlN6 ], is unusual and has only been seen in the high-pressure rocksalt-type aluminum nitride or some complex compounds. Herein we report novel nitrides LnAl(Si4-x Alx )N7 Oδ (Ln=La, Sm), the first inorganic compounds with [AlN6 ] coordination prepared via non-high-pressure synthesis. Structure(More)
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