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This paper studies the impact of strategic customer behavior on supply chain performance. We start with a newsvendor seller facing forward-looking customers. The seller initially charges a regular price but may salvage the leftover inventory at a lower salvage price after random demand is realized. Customers anticipate future sales and choose purchase(More)
The present study was conducted to investigate the prevalence and genotypes of Cryptosporidium in bats. A total of 247 bats, belonging to Rhinolophus sinicus , Rousettus leschenaultia, Aselliscus stoliczkanus , and Hipposideros fulvus , were collected in Yunnan Province, Southwestern China, and the intestinal tissues were examined for Cryptosporidium(More)
In recent years novel human respiratory disease agents have been described for Southeast Asia and Australia. The causative pathogens were classified as pteropine orthoreoviruses with a strong phylogenetic relationship to orthoreoviruses of bat origin. In this report, we isolated a novel Melaka-like reovirus (named “Cangyuan virus”) from intestinal content(More)
This paper studies, in the context of a queuing model, a buyer that sources a good or service from an single supplier chosen from a pool of potential suppliers. The buyer seeks to minimize the sum of her procurement cost and her operating cost, the latter depends on the supplier's lead time performance. The selected supplier can regulate his lead time, but(More)
We detected Toxoplasma gondii in 29.3% (95% confidence interval [CI], 25.5% to 33.1%) of 550 insectivorous bats collected in Myanmar. The genotyping of these positive samples revealed they were closely related to or belong to clonal type I, which is highly virulent in mice, showing that these bats are potential reservoirs for T. gondii transmission.
This paper studies the pre-order strategy that a seller may use to sell a perishable product in an uncertain market with heterogeneous consumers. By accepting pre-orders, the seller is able to obtain advance demand information for inventory planning and price-discriminate the consumers. Given the pre-order option, the consumers react strategically by(More)
Motivated by the recent backshoring trend, this paper studies a sourcing game where competing firms may choose between efficient sourcing (e.g., sourcing from overseas) and responsive sourcing (e.g., sourcing from home country). Efficient sourcing usually provides a cost advantage, while responsive sourcing allows a firm to obtain more accurate demand(More)
The aim of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of fabricating titanium(Ti)/hydroxyapatite(HA) composite and functionally graded implant by three-dimensional printing (3DP) technology. Nano-scale Ti and HA powders were mixed at the ratio of 8:2 and prepared with water-soluble binder. The Ti/HA composite CAD model was designed to be in cylinder shape(More)