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This paper studies the impact of strategic customer behavior on supply chain performance. We start with a newsvendor seller facing forward-looking customers. The seller initially charges a regular price but may salvage the leftover inventory at a lower salvage price after random demand is realized. Customers anticipate future sales and choose purchase(More)
The present study was conducted to investigate the prevalence and genotypes of Cryptosporidium in bats. A total of 247 bats, belonging to Rhinolophus sinicus , Rousettus leschenaultia, Aselliscus stoliczkanus , and Hipposideros fulvus , were collected in Yunnan Province, Southwestern China, and the intestinal tissues were examined for Cryptosporidium(More)
Conditioned stimuli (CSs) previously associated with heroin are critically involved in activating long-lasting relapse and compulsive drug seeking. This study examined the magnitude of heroin seeking induced by drug-related cues in relation to the total amount of drug exposure during training. Five groups of male Sprague-Dawley rats (n=6/group) were trained(More)
Environmental stimuli and conditioned cues associated with heroin can induce drug-seeking behavior, but how heroin lapse interacts with cues is unclear. Rats were trained to nose-poke for i.v. heroin for 14 days and then tested for heroin seeking after withdrawal from heroin self-administration. Heroin seeking induced by cues persisted over several weeks(More)
The role of heroin-related stimuli in motivating the resumption of heroin use is not fully understood. The objective was to characterize the relative importance of drug-related contextual stimuli, discriminative stimuli (DS), or discrete conditioned stimuli (CSs) on drug seeking when rats were reintroduced into the operant context after withdrawal.(More)
In recent years novel human respiratory disease agents have been described for Southeast Asia and Australia. The causative pathogens were classified as pteropine orthoreoviruses with a strong phylogenetic relationship to orthoreoviruses of bat origin. In this report, we isolated a novel Melaka-like reovirus (named “Cangyuan virus”) from intestinal content(More)
This paper studies, in the context of a queuing model, a buyer that sources a good or service from an single supplier chosen from a pool of potential suppliers. The buyer seeks to minimize the sum of her procurement cost and her operating cost, the latter depends on the supplier's lead time performance. The selected supplier can regulate his lead time, but(More)
T his paper studies the role of product availability in attracting consumer demand. We start with a newsvendor model, but additionally assume that stockouts are costly to consumers. The seller sets an observable price and an unobservable stocking quantity. Consumers anticipate the likelihood of stockouts and determine whether to visit the seller. We(More)