Fuqiang Zhang

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T paper studies the impact of strategic customer behavior on supply chain performance. We start with a newsvendor seller facing forward-looking customers. The seller initially charges a regular price but may salvage the leftover inventory at a lower salvage price after random demand is realized. Customers anticipate future sales and choose purchase timing(More)
A buyer that depends on suppliers for the delivery of a service or the production of a make-to-order component should pay close attention to the suppliers’ service or delivery lead times. This paper studies a queueing model in which two strategic servers choose their capacities/processing rates and faster service is costly. The buyer allocates demand to the(More)
T paper studies a queuing model in which a buyer sources a good or service from a single supplier chosen from a pool of suppliers. The buyer seeks to minimize the sum of her procurement and operating costs, the latter of which depends on the supplier’s lead time. The selected supplier can regulate his lead time, but faster lead times are costly. Although(More)
T paper studies the role of product availability in attracting consumer demand. We start with a newsvendor model, but additionally assume that stockouts are costly to consumers. The seller sets an observable price and an unobservable stocking quantity. Consumers anticipate the likelihood of stockouts and determine whether to visit the seller. We(More)
Bats are reservoir animals harboring many important pathogenic viruses and with the capability of transmitting these to humans and other animals. To establish an effective surveillance to monitor transboundary spread of bat viruses between Myanmar and China, complete organs from the thorax and abdomen from 853 bats of six species from two Myanmar counties(More)
Since 2006, canine distemper outbreaks have occurred in rhesus monkeys at a breeding farm in Guangxi, People's Republic of China. Approximately 10,000 animals were infected (25%-60% disease incidence); 5%-30% of infected animals died. The epidemic was controlled by vaccination. Amino acid sequence analysis of the virus indicated a unique strain.
The present study was conducted to investigate the prevalence and genotypes of Cryptosporidium in bats. A total of 247 bats, belonging to Rhinolophus sinicus , Rousettus leschenaultia, Aselliscus stoliczkanus , and Hipposideros fulvus , were collected in Yunnan Province, Southwestern China, and the intestinal tissues were examined for Cryptosporidium(More)
Presenilin 1 (PS1) has been implicated in apoptosis; however, its mechanism remains elusive. We report that PS1-induced apoptosis was associated with cellular FLICE-like inhibitory protein (c-FLIP) turnover and that γ-secretase inhibitor blocked c-FLIP turnover and also partially blocked PS1-induced apoptosis. A complete inhibition of PS1-induced apoptosis(More)
I this paper we analyze the impact of supply-side externalities existing among downstream retailers on supply chain performance. Namely, multiple retail firms face stochastic demand, purchase the product from the upstream wholesaler, and make stocking decisions that affect all other retailers in the same echelon. Two sources of inefficiencies exist in such(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of recognizing affect from non-stylized human body motion. We utilize a novel feature descriptor which is based on the shape of signal probability density function framework to represent the motion capture data. Combining the feature representation scheme with support vector machine classifier, we detect implicitly(More)