Funda Demirtürk

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BACKGROUND Urinary stress incontinence is a common, disruptive and potentially disabling condition in which the subject complains of involuntary leakage on effort or exertion or on sneezing or coughing. AIM This study was performed in order to compare the effects of interferential current and biofeedback applications on incontinence severity in patients(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to evaluate the short-term and 1-year follow-up results of connective tissue manipulation and combined ultrasound (US) therapy (US and high-voltage pulsed galvanic stimulation) in terms of pain, complaint of nonrestorative sleep, and impact on the functional activities in patients with fibromyalgia (FM). METHODS This is(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and interferential current in primary dysmenorrhea. DESIGN A prospective, randomized, and controlled study. SETTING Hacettepe University School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. PATIENTS Thirty-four volunteer subjects with primary dysmenorrhea (mean age: 21.35(More)
To investigate the effects of a physiotherapy program on incision pain and functional activities in the early post-cesarean period. Fifty women were evaluated after Cesarean operation with regard to times of ambulation and return of bowel activity, intensity of incision pain, difficulty in functional activities and number of analgesics required additional(More)
Physiotherapy results of a 6.5-month-old baby with congenital lymphedema in the lower limbs are presented in this study. Her motor developmental level and reflexes were evaluated and test results did not show any abnormal findings. Assessment of limb volume included circumferential and volumetric measurements, and photographs showing the changes in(More)
The study was planned to evaluate the effect of loss of hearing and vision on balance and gait in 60 children, 20 of whom had hearing loss (M age = 9.3 yr., SD = 0.9), 20 who were visually impaired (M age = 12.2 yr., SD = 2.5), and 20 controls with no disability (M age = 9.4 yr., SD = 0.6). Standing Balance subtests of the Southern California Sensory(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this interventional correlational study is to compare the effects of foot reflexology (FR) and connective tissue manipulation (CTM) in subjects with primary dysmenorrhea. DESIGN A total of 30 participants having primary dysmenorrhea completed the study. Data, including demographics (age, body-mass index), menstrual cycle (age at(More)
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