Fumiya Kawahara

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The previous release of our Full-parasites database (http://fullmal.hgc.jp/) brought enhanced functionality, an expanded full-length cDNA content, and new RNA-Seq datasets from several important apicomplexan parasites. The 2015 update witnesses the major shift in the databases content with focus on diverse transcriptomes of the apicomplexan parasites. The(More)
Eimeria necatrix-specific ELISA, using a recombinant antigen (the cDNA-clone NP19 expressing protein), was utilized to detect antibodies against E. necatrix in breeder pullet flocks that had previously received an attenuated live vaccine to E. necatrix. Vaccinated flocks were discriminated significantly from non-vaccinated flocks by their antibody titers(More)
Necrotic enteritis (NE) is one of the most important bacterial diseases in terms of economic losses. Clostridium perfringens necrotic enteritis toxin B, NetB, was recently proposed as a new key virulent factor for the development of NE. The goal of this work was to develop a necrotic enteritis model in chickens by using a Japanese isolate of C. perfringens.(More)
None of anticoccidial vaccines (Trivalent TAM™, monovalent Neca™ and imported pentavalent Paracox(®)-5) contain Eimeria brunetti in Japan, which has not been regarded as a cause of coccidiosis, because of its low prevalence. However, we have recently reported the evidence of a high nationwide prevalence of this species. In this report, we describe the(More)
DNA gyrase inhibitors, cyclothialidines B, C, D and E were isolated from four Streptomycete strains (NR 0659, NR 0660, NR 0661 and NR 0662). Their structures have been elucidated based on the amino acid analysis of the hydrolysates, NMR and HRFAB-MS experiments and shown to be cyclothialidine analogs. The absolute stereochemistry has been determined by the(More)
Sir: As part of our continuous effort toward the discovery of novel enzyme inhibitors from microbial cultures1~3), we have searched for inhibitors against dipeptidyl aminopep-tidases. We wish to report the discovery of acetyl-L-leucyl-L-argininal as a specific in-hibitor against dipeptidyl aminopeptidase III (DAP-III, EC from the culture fil-trate(More)
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