Fumito Shimoma

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Methodology for synthesis of exo-endo cross-conjugated dienones with trans- and cis-decalin systems has been reported. Bromination of the silyl enol ether of alpha'-methyl alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones with PTAB and successive dehydrobromination of the resulting alpha'-bromo-alpha'-methyl alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones under three conditions (DBU/PhH;(More)
Conformationally restricted 3-anilino-4-(3-indolyl)maleimide derivatives were designed and synthesized aiming at discovery of novel protein kinase Cbeta (PKCbeta)-selective inhibitors possessing oral bioavailability. Among them, compounds having a fused five-membered ring at the indole 1,2-position inhibited PKCbeta2 with IC50 of nM-order and showed good(More)
We report herein synthesis of PKCbeta-selective inhibitors possessing the novel pharmacophore of anilino-monoindolylmaleimide. Several compounds of this series exhibited IC50's as low as 50 nM against human PKCbeta2. One of the most potent compounds, 6l, inhibited PKCbeta1 and PKCbeta2 with IC50 of 21 and 5 nM, respectively, and exhibited selectivity of(More)
A reliable method was developed for the synthesis of cis-fused alpha-methylene gamma-lactones via alpha-methyl gamma-lactones. Bromination of alpha-methyl gamma-lactones with LDA/CBr(4) or TMSOTf/PTAB and successive dehydrobromination with DBU or TBAF of the resulting alpha-bromo-alpha-methyl gamma-lactones gave the desired alpha-methylene gamma-lactones in(More)
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