Fumito Abe

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We recently demonstrated that upregulation of a chemokine receptor CCR6 and its ligand CCL20 led to metastasis of advanced cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) cells, suggesting the involvement of CCL20-CCR6 interaction in initiating CTCL cell metastasis. In this study, we determined whether this interaction is functional in metastatic CTCL cells. We first(More)
1. To examine whether cytosolic Ca2+ in smooth muscle cells distributes evenly, cytosolic Ca2+ levels were measured with two different Ca2+ indicators in the ferret isolated portal vein; a fluorescent indicator, fura-PE3, that shows the average Ca2+ level, and a photoprotein, aequorin, that preferentially shows a high Ca2+ compartment. 2. A noradrenaline(More)
The effect of noradrenaline on the hypogastric ganglion of the guinea pig was studied to establish the role of catecholamine-containing sites in the sympathetic ganglia with the hypogastric nerve-vas deferens preparation. In these experiments the ganglion was separated pharmacologically from the muscle by a partition. An application of noradrenaline,(More)
Effects of selective applications of drugs to the guinea pig hypogastric ganglion were studied on the contractile response of the vas deferens to the hypogastric nerve stimulation or to ganglionic stimulating drugs. Both acetylcholine (ACh) and dimethylphenylpiperazinium (DMPP) contracted the vas deferens. Neostigmine potentiated the ACh-induced(More)
Effect of sodium picrate (picric acid-Na; PA) on the hypogastric ganglion in the hypogastric nerve-vas deferens preparation of the guinea pig was studied and the results are as follows: PA or acetylcholine (ACh) at doses (g/ml) of 10(-5) approximately 10(-4) applied to the ganglion increased the height of the response (R-NS) of the vas deferens to the(More)
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