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The purpose was to determine whether extracellular volume or osmolality was the major contributing factor for reduction of thirst in air and head-out water immersion in hypohydrated subjects. Eight males (19-25 yr) were subjected to thermoneutral immersion and thermoneutral air under two hydration conditions without further drinking: euhydration in water(More)
The autocrine/paracrine peptide signaling molecules such as growth factors have many promising biologic activities for clinical applications. However, one cannot expect specific therapeutic effects of the factors administered by ordinary drug delivery systems as they have limited target specificity and short half-lives in vivo. To overcome the difficulties(More)
These experiments were conducted to examine whether changes in central and peripheral hemodynamics were proportional to muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA) during graded head-down tilt (HDT). Twelve healthy males (19-42 yr old) underwent HDT at 15 degrees and 30 degrees for 10 min each with a 10-min rest period between the trials. MSNA at 15 degrees(More)
Mammalian transglutaminase (TGase) catalyzes covalent cross-linking of peptide-bound lysine residues or incorporation of primary amines to limited glutamine residues in substrate proteins. Using an unbiased M13 phage display random peptide library, we developed a screening system to elucidate primary structures surrounding reactive glutamine residue(s) that(More)
Isolated nuclei of the rat prostates contain a unique androgen-dependent basic protein, "probasin". Despite that it was hardly detectable in the cytosol centrifugally prepared from the prostates, immunofluorescent histological analysis of whole tissues using monoclonal antibody, which was raised against probasin purified from the nuclei, revealed that(More)
To examine the baroreflex response in humans during acute high-altitude exposure, the carotid baroreflex cardiac responsiveness was studied using a neck chamber in seven unacclimatized male subjects. Measurements were made in a high-altitude chamber on separate days at sea level and during 1-h exposure at two different altitudes of 3,800 m [partial pressure(More)
Of three kinds of commercial zwitterionic detergents [SB 12, SB 14, and 3-[(3-cholamidopropyl)dimethylammonio]-1-propanesulfonate (Chaps)], SB 12 and Chaps were more useful than SB 14 because of high solubility and less interference with protein assay. Efficiency for protein solubilization at pH 6-9 was higher for SB 12 than for Chaps with either calf(More)
The rat prostate contains two types of growth factors capable of stimulating DNA synthesis in BALB/3T3 cells. These rat prostatic growth factors (RPGF) were separable by a different affinity for heparin: low affinity type RPGF and high affinity (HiA) type RPGF. About 80% of the RPGF in the cytosol from normal prostates was low affinity type, whereas more(More)