Fumitaka Ozaki

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In this paper, the information services of "ApriAlpha/spl trade/" such as news reading, controlling home appliances, and question-answer system for recipes using network technologies are explained. ApriAlpha is a mobile home robot which can offer security and information services. The robot acts as a voice controlled human interface, thus you can use(More)
Bikeware is a social media that provides user with urban pleasure. It is a networked bicycle which user can enjoy a race match with other members in urban spaces. User doesn’t have to get together in the same time, by uploading the data during the race. User are able to experience matches with competitors who participated in past races in real time. In(More)
Myglobe is a user generated navigation service that enables users to share each cognitive map with one another. Cognitive map is a personalized map, shape of which is emphasized according to user's preference and activity in the city. It facilitates users to look back on their own city and have a new understanding by using an application in smart phones and(More)
<i>MYGLOBE</i> is an interactive map media which allows us to share our cognitive maps. This map grows up with our own activities and shows our subjective view of the city by emphasizing roads or landmarks frequently used. Users can bring up their own city in the device by actually walking in the city, and also share their own maps with each other and(More)
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